How Do I Get Started Blogging

January 15, 2019 1 By Devg

How Do I Get Started Blogging

How Do I Get Started Blogging

How do i get started ,First of all you need to know how many types of blogs. Then you will know how much to spend on blogging and how to make blog popular.
Also know about limitations and liabilities. After knowing these, you can start blogging, trusting yourself.Because when you do not know anything about something then you have to stopped in halfway. so follow these methods, i hope this methods can help to create your
blogging career.



There are several types of blogs created by people. The difference is not about the content, it is different from using it.

Personal Blogs

for those people who wants to write something about any topic or any niches. Personal blog mostly uses for personal earnings.

Group Blogs

is creating by more than one author. They are write about one topic like politics or any very culturing.Group blog can be very populer than personal blog.

Organizational Blogs

also created for organizationa.It can be corporate or government.these blogs are used internally. For any document share or any notice about etc.

There is another type of blog called MicroBlogging.Where friends used to communicate with each other.celebrities uses for writing their thoughts and tours schedules. Microblogs also used by politician and business associates. Microblogs platfroms examples is facebook,twitter etc.

Cost & Popularity

Blogging can be low cost if you want to buy only Domain name and keep hosting free through After create a blog then you can spend for the Google search engine ranking. How much want to spend It’s up to you. Companies don’t think about the cost of their website,they think how quickly they will reach Google’s first page. Website rank speed depends on company’s growing speed. But niche blog depends on some marketting tools.Because as per their origins niche blogs reach targeting audience much less than company’s websites.So niche blogs need to increase their sales or traffic using marketting platfrom’s such as Adwords,Facebook and much more. Profitability having blogging depend on traffic. If you want know more about increasing traffic in your niche blog or website then goto youtube. In Youtube type how do i get started increase traffic search.


How do i get started with niche blogs. Its important to know about all niches before started blogging. All blogs are identify by their topic which called niche. Some of them became popular very quickly such as NEWS, POLITICS OR TRAVEL.

News Blogs

News blogs are most populer blogs because these blogs are ranking on first page became very quickly.Google also supports these niche blogs. People’s also want to know all breakings news everyday. That’s why these niche blogs became popular so soon.

Political Blogs

political blogs are also very popular because peoples also showing interested about politics. These blogs releted with news blogs because news blogs also write about political issues.

Gossip Blogs

These niche blogs popular because most popular person’s releted with these blogs.Celebrity and entertainment media’s share their activity and pictures and their thoughts.

Food Blogs

These niche blogs made by the cooks or nutritionist. A cook shared his recipes and styles, how he decorate his cooking food.Nutritionist describe about all foods nutrition. which food are healthy or unhealthy. These niche blogs popularity depends on person or organization also depends on their quality of posts.

Health Blogs

These blogs gain popularity so quickly. Because these blogs contant attract peoples so much,they love to read this kind of topic.

There are also a few more niche blogs that have been written such as fashion or technology or science. These niche blogs also popular but in targeted audience.

Blogging Limitations

Blog description limited in 500 characters maximum. Per account 100 blog you can create.For images you get Upto 1GB storage. But you can upgrade to paid plan then you get upto 15GB storage. There is no limit for posts but only 50 post can be posted in a day. Also No limitation for pages But may be some page size limitation in individual pages. For Favicon you need a squre shape under 100KB picture. Any site violation your blog will be closed without notification. Repeat violation your google account will suspended parmanantly.